Swing Click – Tutorials

Basic intro

Swing Click Metronome is the first and only metronome that allows you to practise different degrees of swing, at any tempo.

The circle represents a single beat, with the downbeat at the top. For every beat we go round the circle clockwise, and end up back at the top.

By adding a ‘hit’, we can add an ‘offbeat’. If you were counting quavers/8th notes, this would be the ‘And’ of the beat.

The number next to each hit shows the percentage of how far it is through the beat. By moving it later (or earlier), you make it ‘swing’

You can add as many points as you like within the beat to make unique rhythms to practise,

try some of the presets,

and clear the whole beat at any time with the reset button.

To change the speed, just use the arrows at the top, or tap the tempo to bring up more options.

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Bar sequencing

Bar sequencing changes how the click plays back per bar – whether it plays all the hits, none of the hits, just the downbeat, or just the offbeats, making a seriously effective tool for improving your time.

To enable bar sequencing, tap the + button in the bottom right to set up a loop. You can add up to 8 bars, but let’s start with 2.

Each bar in the sequence can be set by tapping it and selecting an option. For example you could set the first bar to be ‘normal’, and the second bar to be ‘silent’. Now when you hit play, there’s a bar of silence in between every normal bar. This forces you to focus on keeping your time steady without any guidance, and see if you’re still in when the click returns.

Alternatively, you could set the second bar to just downbeats and just focus on whether you can keep the swing in the same place when the click comes back in.

You can make longer, mixed sequences to tailor the difficulty level to your needs

And if you make one you’ll want to come back to, tap the middle button to save the bar sequence.

To recall any of your own or the included bar sequence presets, tap the presets button in the bottom left, and go to the ‘bars’ tab.

From here, tap any sequence to load it, or tap the pencil to edit the list.

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Beat sequencing

Beat sequencing allows you to make longer loops than just a single beat.

Simply tap on the time signature to choose how many beats you want in the bar, and enable the ‘beat sequencing’ option.

Now each beat has its own circle, starting from the outside and working inwards.

Tap on any hit to change its sound, or mute it.

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Using presets

To save your rhythm for future use, hit the middle button, give it a name and press save. Now it will be available to recall from the presets tab in the bottom left.

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