Swing Click Metronome

The first and only metronome to allow you to practise swing and microtiming.

Swing Click: The Microtime Metronome

Swing Click Metronome is the first and only metronome to give you free control over where you place subdivisions within the beat.

Why practise microtiming?

Why practise microtiming?

Swing and microtiming have always been an essential part of how music feels. We can tell two sounds apart in time as little as 5ms from each other. In musical terms, at 60bpm this is 1/200 of a beat (0.5%).

Being able to train this skill at any speed will give you more control and awareness of the subtleties of groove and timing, allowing you to make better musical choices.

Full features for practising:

Freely add and move subdivisions

Add as many as you like, and move them to any percentage point in the beat

Beat sequencer

Create longer loops and more intricate grooves by sequencing different sounds through the bar.

Train your internal timing with bar sequences:

  • Mute bars
  • Play only downbeats
  • Play only subdivision

Tempo set options

Set tempo with either the quick change arrows, scroller wheel, keypad entry, or tap tempo.

Further info:

For more information about swing and microtiming, check out the video below, or this article.

Also check out our tutorials for the app, and handy practise guide for getting used to microtiming.